The Boat... Step aboard the "Someday Lady".


Looking for a charter boat in Panama City Beach, Florida?


The “Someday Lady” is a 22’ open-sport fishing boat powered by the legendary quality of a very quiet 200 horsepower Honda four stroke outboard motor. The “Someday Lady” is stable, roomy, and fast. We get you to the “hot spots” quickly and comfortably without the harsh diesel fumes or gas fumes you might experience on some boats. We are licensed to carry up to six passengers and comfortably fish four at a time.

All you need to bring is your food and drink. Since ice is provided on the boat, your drinks and food can be stored in the ice hold. The fewer coolers you bring means more space to move around the boat.

So grab your camera, sunscreen, and your lucky fishing hat.

Let’s go for some “tight lines” aboard the “Someday Lady”!